How Porta Cabins Score Over Tents For Camping

There are a lot of uses for temporary structures that usually arises at camping sites and various locations.  It is also common to have temporary structures at building sites as well when workers need to have shelter and at times privacy.  It was the practice since the early days of camping to use tents to fulfill the requirement.  This particular need has since been met with the use of portable structures and more specifically porta cabin

A more private structure

No doubt tents do afford a private atmosphere but there is no beating the complete isolation that portable cabins provide at various sites across the world.  This has been taken advantage of in providing private rooms like restrooms at construction sites and where ever complete privacy is required.   

The level of privacy that a portable cabin provides to the user cannot be matched by tents in any manner.  In case of things like meeting rooms when total secrecy is the requirement, the cabins that can meet the very high standards are used.  It is possible to find greater isolation with portable cabins than with the best tents.

The economy of a portable cabin

Tents are usually made of fabrics that can with stand the most rough of uses.  But it is usually the norm that the material needs replacing after a good number of uses.  The portable cabin on the other hand would last a lot more than the tents as they are made to do so.  Thus it makes sense to use the temporary cabins far longer than would a tent.    The temporary cabins are thus a more cost effective alternative to tents.  

The sophistication

No doubt tents are an irreplaceable part of live while on the move.  Large circuses have been staged in tents that can house people in the thousands at a time.  But it is usually the case that portable cabins are the true inheritors of this legacy.  The sheer sophistication that a porta cabin brings to the user makes it an alternative beyond compare.  

It is possible to have portable cabins that function as whole field camps right where it is needed.  Once inside, a portable cabin does not in any way let out that they are in fact a temporary structure.  This is an aspect that cannot be matched by the most complex of tents.  The future of temporary structures would be to a large extent be catered to by using the most basic forms of shelter, that is the portable cabins.  


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